FAQ Section Now Live

February 10, 2017

FAQ Section Now Live

A FAQ section is now live. The full FAQ can be viewed here

Here's an excerpt which Winona folks will find particuarly helpful.


What happened to your Zazzle store? Longtime customers are accustomed to finding my pillows, mugs, and so on in my Zazzle stores (Beautiful_Winona and KetoLaughs among them). In late 2016, I moved away from Zazzle in order to open this independent online store. This allows me to provide better, more personalized customer service, more control over selection and quality of products; and more control over image theft issues.

What is image theft? Image theft occurs when a design or photo gets 'scraped' (stolen) from a site such as Zazzle. The image file is then used to create counterfeit products, which criminals offer for sale through venues such as Amazon. This is a huge issue for artists of all types, and can destroy an artist's livelihood. Image theft has affected my business, and that's part of the reason why I now operate this online store and no longer sell on Zazzle. The biggest difference is that I now have full control over how my product previews appear. Just as important, though, is the personal contact I now get to have with you, the customer!


I thought you just did Winona photos. Winona (Minnesota) photography and designs are a large part of what I do. In addition, as you can see from browsing this store, my artwork encompasses a number of other topics as well. This online store brings together the various 'niches' that my work caters to, which is why you'll find a "Keto" section (Keto refers to a low-carb lifestyle that is beneficial for many health conditions), a Decorah Iowa section, and so on. It is my wish that you will enjoy browsing through the various types of artwork that I offer, but if you are just here for the Winona stuff, that is wonderful as well. There are currently over 100 Winona products available, with more being added all the time.

I'm interested in Winona wall art. Can I see a bigger selection somewhere? Yes. My fine art website, which makes available a huge number of images with options for mats, frames, etc., is at WinonaPhotos.com

I live in Winona. Can I just pick up the products I want to order? In almost all cases, the product will be created and shipped at the time of order (this is called print-on-demand). So, for example, I do not generally have on hand things like aprons, mugs, and shirts -- but the good news is that there is a huge selection of products, sizes, colors, etc., available to choose from, and what you order will show up right at your door.

Do you sell any of this stuff in Winona stores? For those who shop in Winona, there are a number of products you can find throughout Winona. This partial list should help get you started.

  • Matted Photos (5x7 photo in 8x10 mat): Minnesota Marine Art Museum; Winona County Historical Society; Heart's Desire.
  • Tote Bags (limited designs): Minnesota Marine Art Museum; Winona County Historical Society; Bluff Country Co-Op; Heart's Desire  (Large selection of designs available for order)
  • Winona, Minnesota Photo Book: Minnesota Marine Art Museum; Winona County Historical Society; Heart's Desire; La Boutique; Pieces of the Past; Paperbacks & Pieces; Treasures Under Sugarloaf; Chapter 2 Books.
  • Winona Calendar: Seasonal. Out of stock currently.
  • Postcards & Notecards: Available at any of the aforementioned retail locations.
  • Mugs: Heart's Desire has a selection Winona mugs based on my photographs and designs. Additional mugs available for order

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